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Bridging the Digital Divide...
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About Us
Walnut Technologies (“Walnut Technologies Pvt. Ltd.”), founded in May 2009, is a Bangalore based start up aiming at easing common man’s life by harnessing technology to handle major day to day chores.

How IT can bring happiness on the face of Common Man ?” The Inspiration behind founding Walnut Technologies.

•  Application of technology to overcome day-to-day challenges 
    in order to benefit ‘Common Man’.
•  Identify and design systems which are simple to use, there by 
    bridging the digital divide.
•  Contribute to the national growth by addressing challenges at
    critical points with innovative and cost effective solutions.
•  Provide e-Governance solutions for complex problems related
   to corporations and government sectors.
Strategic Association:
Walnut Technologies is strategically collaborated with renowned Technical & Management Institution, leading national and International business entities. Few are listed below:

Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur (India)

Indian Institute of Management - Calcutta (India)

Cratus Technology, Inc., (USA)

Apsis Solutions (India)

Chakra Investments Pvt. Ltd., (SA. & UK.)